45 Agent Phil Coulson Captions For Instagram & Quotes Dialogues

There are so many characters who are living in our hearts. They made a special place in our hearts through her acting or amazing skills. But we all know, we want everything best in our life. Sometimes we give our best in our works too but the result might not always in our preference. But now let this topic aside and come to the main topic.

We know you are here to find some perfect Agent Phil Coulson captions. And because of you only we have shared few amazing Agent Phil Coulson captions. So, go through all of them and select from the below-ones.

Agent Phil Coulson Captions

Agent Phil Coulson Captions
  • I’ll put something in the books, shall I?
  • If I come out, will you shoot me? Because then I won’t come out.
  • We’re a separate division with a more specific focus. We need to debrief Mr. Stark about the circumstances of his escape.
  • We are gathered here today for a moment we all knew was coming, some of us even before these two did, and I think we can all agree that to wait even one second to do this is playing with fire.
  • Yes.
  • Can I speak to you for a moment?
  • We didn’t cut off the head of the Centipede. Whoever sponsored that little experiment is still out there.
  • Then leave it urgently.
  • Who the hell are you?
  • International, well-financed and interested in creating a Super-Soldier.
  • No. It just said he was kind of a tool.
  • Plus, it wasn’t that much of a stetch. I stopped breathing for about 40 seconds.
  • Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, the guy from the…
  • I’ve been keeping my feelings in check – and look what it got us.
  • The tide is rising.
  • But what did they do to him?
  • This is urgent.
  • Eight. It gets longer every time you tell it.
  • I forgot how good you are.

Agent Phil Captions For Instagram

Agent Phil Captions For Instagram
  • Director Fury faked your death– to motivate the Avengers.
  • I’m sorry?
  • I’m choosing to stand up, to become a part of something bigger. I really do believe that together, we can accomplish anything.
  • Mr. Stark, we need to talk.
  • What happened to Agent Coulson? He’s different.
  • Agent Coulson.
  • I know you’ve only been human a little while, but there’s a basic human concept you need to learn. It’s called teamwork.
  • Yeah, I hear that a lot.
  • Never mind.
  • Yeah?
  • A concerned citizen who happens to be a member of a giant bureaucratic organization that’s tracking your every move.

Famous Agent Phil Coulson Captions

Famous Agent Phil Coulson Captions
  • Oh, crap. They gave him a name.
  • We are not agents of nothing! We are agents of shield, and that still carries weight. It has to carry weight!
  • Mr. Stark.
  • Miss Potts.
  • I love these things.
  • That’s quite a mouthful.
  • You bend someone long enough and they break! Poor little Chan Ho Yin may have believed your lies, but not Scorch!
  • I gotta say, it’s an honor to meet you, officially. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was… I was present while you were unconscious from the ice. You know, it’s really, it’s just a… just a huge honor to have you on board.
  • His file didn’t say anything about him being psychotic, did it?
Agent Phil Coulson Captions
  • Ok, you’re the boss, A.C.
  • I know, we’re working on it.
  • You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message.
  • What’s up Phil?
  • Well, he’s loosened up a bit. He nearly died before the Battle of New York.

Agent Phil Coulson Movie Captions

Agent Phil Coulson Movie Captions
  • What kind of organization are we dealing with?
  • Thank you.
  • Coulson, you know that Stark trusts me about as far as he can throw me.
  • I’ve met gods. Gods bleed.
  • Who?
  • Why are you here? You’ve been keeping something from us this whole time. And it wasn’t just a boyfriend. You have a secret, Skye, and one chance to come out with it. That’s now, or I’m done with you.
  • Nobody’s nobody, Ward.
  • Don’t ever doubt it.
Agent Phil Coulson Captions
  • I’ve lived a life surrounded by heroes, none bigger than all of you… we sign up to lose each other, to get close to good people and have them taken away.
  • I don’t sweat. I glisten.
  • I’m clearance Level Six. I know that… Agent Coulson was killed in action before the Battle of New York. Got the full report.
  • Oh, I’ve got Stark. You get the big guy.
  • You told me that you were ready for combat. That you had my back.
  • I prefer you not call me Phil.
  • Cool origin story bro, but this one means nothing to me.
  • Well, the death of a common ally is a particularly effective team builder.
  • I’m not a reporter. I’m Agent Phil Coulson with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

Agent Phil Coulson Quotes For Instagram(Dialogues)

Agent Phil Coulson Quotes For Instagram(Dialogues)

“Phil Coulson: I’m not a reporter. I’m Agent Phil Coulson, with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

Pepper Potts: That’s quite a mouthful.

Phil Coulson: I know. We’re working on it.”

“Simmons: Sir, how are you feeling?
Coulson: The same way I was feeling before you knew anything was wrong with me. Thank you for asking, but please, stop asking.”

“Phil Coulson: Here’s your alibi.

Tony Stark: Okay.

Phil Coulson: You were on your yacht.

Tony Stark: Yeah.

Phil Coulson: We have port papers that put you in Avalon all night, and sworn statements from 50 of your guests.

Tony Stark: See, I was thinking maybe we should say it was just Pepper and me alone on the island.”

Agent Phil Captions For Instagram

“Talbot: I was trying to hold out, Phil. Where were you?
Coulson: We were in the future.
Talbot [laughs incredulously]: You were in the future? What, you guys live is some fifth-dimension *freak show*?
Coulson: I’d say that’s a relatively accurate description of our day-to-day life.”

“Phil Coulson: This is a delicate situation. We don’t know what kind of danger this woman poses, so I’ll make initial contact with Agents Ward and May.

Skye: It’s a delicate situation, so you’re bringing along Warm and Fuzzy?”

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