35 Best Cat Puns-Cute & Funny

Cats are always a popular choice for pets as they are comparatively low maintenance at the same time they are adorable and cute. If you are a cat lover then you need perfect cat puns. Here are some cool cat puns.

Cat lovers obsess over cats. Some have multiple cats. There is nothing cuter than every single thing your cats do and if you are the one who loves to save those pictures then this is not possible to share those memories with all over the world. From here you can get the best cat puns.

Cat Puns

Cat Puns
  • That’s hiss-terical.
  • That’s paw-some.
  • What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? A sour-puss.
  • Chatty Cat-hy
  • One shining mew-ment.
  • I’m so fur-tunate.
  • I think we should get meow-rried someday.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite Shakespeare quote? “Tabby or not tabby? That is the question.”
  • I’ll have a meow-tini.
  • What does a cat say to someone who doesn’t like cat puns? You’ve got to be kitten me.
  • My cat’s favorite game is Cattergories.
  • She’s so lazy she’s practically cat-atonic.
  • What did the cat say when he saw you approach? You look pawfully familiar!
  • Let me tell you a tail.
  • What did the cat say when the mouse got away? You’ve got to be kitten me!
  • What do you call the cat police? Claw enforcement.

Best Cat Puns

Cat Puns
  • My favorite Broadway Mew-sical is Cats!
  • My cat is super cathletic.
  • Feed me right meow.
  • I love your purr-se.
  • My cat is so purr-ty.
  • You’ve got to be kitten me.
  • I haven’t cat all day!
  • What did one cat say to another? Have you heard the mews today?
  • My cat is my best fur-end.
  • My cat wants a Furr-ari.
  • How did the cat feel after watching a magic trick? Purr-plexed.
  • Never, efur do that again.

Cute Cat Puns

Cute Cat Puns
  • You look fur-miliar.
  • What did the senior cat say to the kitten when she saw him slouching? You need to pay more attention to your pawsture
  • He’ll go down in hiss-tory.
  • What did the cat say when he lost all his money? I’m paw!
  • How claw-some is that?
  • What’s a cats favourite kind of show? A Meowsical
  • That’s a paw-sibility.
  • Meow is the perfect time to foster a kitten.
  • That’s just claw-ful.
  • Look at that meowntain.
  • Keep up the mew-mentum.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite dessert? Mice cream.

Funny Cat Puns

  • The rings of Cat-turn
  • My favorite Easter candy is Cat-bury Cream Eggs.
  • You’re freaking meow-t.
  • I’ve got cattitude.
  • How claw-someis that?
  • I love my cat the meowst.
  • What’s a cat cheerleading squad’s most impressive trick? The purramid.
  • Paw-don me.
  • Wait a meow-ment.
  • Better call in claw-enforcement.
  • Cat-inum Blonde
  • I’ve done that be-fur.

Cool Cat Puns

Cool Cat Puns
  • I need to take a paws.
  • Purr-haps we can cuddle later.
  • Take meowt for lunch.
  • What do you call two cats who love each other? Best furends
  • Can I paw-lease have that?
  • I’m feline good.
  • What did the cat say when it was confused? I’m Purr-plexed!
  • What’s a cat’s favorite day of the week? Caturday.
  • Did you hear why the cat got sent to detention? She had a bad cattitude.
  • You’re a fur-midable opponent.
  • She’s an aristo-cat.

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