65 Emotional Status For You-Heart Touching

Emotional Status

We are humans and we have different moods, different feelings. Each one of us is different so our feelings. It doesn’t mean we feel always happy. Some emotional people can’t always be happy. If you are emotional then you can share your emotional status on your social media stories. You can choose your emotional status … Read more

45 Painful Status For Broken Heart-Quotes

Painful Status

In our journey of life, there is happiness as well as sorrow. We can’t eliminate one and accept another. Everything happens for a profound reason in life. Take failure as an experience. We all know that break-up hurts but that doesn’t mean life should stop there. Life holds many amazing prizes for you to receive. … Read more

65 Sad Friendship Status & Quotes

Sad Friendship Status

Having a good friend is a blessing. But not everyone is blessed enough to get such friends in their life. Many people are betrayed by their friends. Many people become sad because of a sad friendship story. Are you also one of them? Did you feel the same? You can express your feelings through your … Read more