39 Best College Puns Ideas-Funny & Cute

Are you finding college puns? From our school days, student counts days to go to the college, to enjoy college life. But the reality hits hard, real college life is not like which shows in movies. But it works like a mirror that showcases the reality of life.

College Puns

Through our college life we see the real struggle, see the actual world what we also have to face in a few years or days. But, entering into a new journey of life is always excited. From going to a new college to making new friends, there are so many things that increase our excitement levels. Express your excitement on your feed by adding college puns.

College Puns

College Puns
  • Need a little encourage mint for this late-night study session.
  • I got an A in the nap competition just before the exams.
  • If you have a hot dog in college, you can easily call it a Frat-wurst
  • My today’s To-do-list is to stay awake.
  • One of the fashion designing college girl got sick on the day of the final examination. Now she is attempting a makeup exam.
  • No kitten, I’m feline purrty great right meow.
  • I think my campus is haunted, because there’s a lot of school spirit.
  • I really snailed it this semester.
  • When everyone says you can’t do this, just stand and take pictures of the whiteboard.
  • Just want to say, Alexa, skip this semester’s days.
  • The campus cafe and I were meant to bean.
  • The Sun must have spent many years studying, he’s got millions of degrees.
  • You know the bees go to college by their lovely mode-buzz.
  • I had the carpentry workshop test, and in the first attempt, I nailed it.
  • The s’more I know about college, the s’more I love.
  • Sorry, I can’t hang tonight. I’m totally booked at the library.

Best College Puns

  • I know it’s cheesy, but college food is grate.
  • Every student wishes not to be left a-loan after graduation.
  • If nothing is right with you in college, just go left.
  • No kitten, I’m feline purrty great right meow.
  • All the dogs who completed their graduation were getting their pe-degree.
  • Bees generally go to college to get a beesness degree.
  • I’m a science major, and I’m sodium funny.
  • People like studying gravity. Maybe that’s because it’s a really attractive field.
  • I must have figured out squadratic equation, because I have the best friends.
  • Donut make me get out of bed for class.
  • I peeped into my semester days and asked weekends if they were still there?
  • I’m a science major, and I’m sodium funny.
  • Encyclopedias are bad neighbours because they have so many volumes.
  • I performed so badly in my marine biology tests and assignments that my grades went below sea-level.
  • Periodically, I’ll show up to my science class.
  • Sorry, I can’t hang tonight. I’m totally booked at the library.
  • Just hoping this B.S. pays off.
  • I sleep only when I close my eyes to sneeze!

Cool College Puns

Cool College Puns
  • Yes, I’m into fitness. I’m into fitness this whole pizza in my mouth.
  • Lettuce celebrate the weekend.
  • I can’t beleaf how great college is.
  • The only engineering branch that lets you see through the evil of others is c-evil engineering.
  • Our English teachers seem to be the most logical person among the faculty. He always uses his comma-sense in a difficult situation.
  • People like studying gravity. Maybe that’s because it’s a really attractive field.
  • Keeping the positivi-tea in the dorm room.
  • Wondering for a college black Friday sale, on giving one semester, you get the other free.
  • Let’s taco bout last night.
  • Calc-u later, I’m off to class.
  • One student of college was so aggressive at learning, that he hit the books.
  • Practicing a debate in front of a mirror seems a bad idea to me, you may be one-sided or, worse, two-faced.

Funny College Puns

Funny College Puns
  • Bison, I’m leaving for college.
  • My early morning chemistry class rarely gets a reaction out of me.
  • I believe in zombies existence, visit my college someday.
  • My Little and I go together like PB&J.
  • Can’t wait to ketchup with my dorm roomies.
  • I have a c-rush on Greek life.
  • One of the most sketchy classes in a college is the art class.
  • On graduation day at Criminal School, everyone con-graduated each other.
  • You can’t see a thing when it is foggy in Los Angeles, but once the fog clears U.C L.A.
  • One day, a vampire graduated from university. His fellow monsters and family Con-dracula-ted him.
  • I love the finals, I hope they would love me back!

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