Hulk Captions For Instagram

62 Hulk Captions For Instagram & Quotes {Marvel}

When the topic of the fun comes into our head, it comes up with so many fun characters. The fun characters with whom we laugh, we enjoy. The fun characters bring laughter to our life, add fun to our daily chaos, make our life easier, and do a lot more.

Finding the proper photo is easy but finding the right caption is not. To make it easy for you, we are here. If hulk is your favorite character then you can never go wrong with the below-mentioned hulk captions for Instagram. Choose from the below-mentioned hulk captions for Instagram.

Hulk Captions

Hulk Captions
  • You are stupid, Talbot… for you have made the Hulk mad!
  • You know? i know some techniques you can use for the umm…
  • Maybe here…in the place called Florida… Hulk can find the quiet he wants.
  • Hulk don’t know why Hairy Lady hit Hulk with lightning… …but Hulk don’t like!!!
  • Ah, that’s right, I forgot you’re not the monster anymore, are you? I am.
  • What do you want little man?
  • I put the brains and brawn together and now look at me. Best of both worlds.
  • We need you pal.
  • Why Are You Always Hitting People?
  • ‘The Hulk’ was the beginning of me, a platform as an actor to grow.
  • I hate fighting stupid robots! You don’t scream or bleed or nothing! It’s no fun!
  • The angrier I get the stronger I get! I’m the strongest one there is! Hulk Smash!
  • Hulk knew that magician would into trouble, Hulk always knows and no one ever listens.
  • Hulk is going now! Don’t try to follow!
  • Even now, I can feel it. Buried somewhere deep inside. Watching me. Waiting. But you know what scares me the most? When I can’t fight it anymore, when it takes over, when I totally lose control…
  • This statue is Hulk’s now – Hulk like it –Hulk will keep it!

Hulk Captions For Instagram

Hulk Captions For Instagram
  • Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
  • You won’t like me when I’m angry!
  • Broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?
  • Ummm- Hulk Like beans–
  • Ugh, so many stairs!
  • Hippy peanut butter. Have to be mixed.
  • Hulk will break metal man open like a tin can. Metal man thinks he is stronger than Hulk. Metalman wrong.
  • You murdered trillions.
  • What by who? Who told you that?
  • You got your Daredevils, your Iron Fists–those guys, you fight. Maybe you get lucky, or maybe you’re actually good enough to beat ’em.
  • Should I dazzle with more cliches? Or go straight to the breaking of major organs.
  • First of all, that’s horrible.

Famous Hulk Captions For Instagram

Famous Hulk Captions For Instagram
  • Give Me A Real Fight.
  • I like to think I’m pretty smart with what I was able to do academically, but whenever I get on the field I turn into the Incredible Hulk and I am unstoppable.
  • Hulk Smash!
  • Your own little garden of slaves and sycophants, eh, Candler? Don’t you all understand? You’re not human! You’re artificial life candler created out of mutant plant tissue!
  • Leave Me Alone.
  • Grrr…whhh….aaaah…grr…whaagrrr…aaaaahggr…waah.
  • You guys are so screwed now!
  • We need your help. We may have a chance to fix everything.
  • Hulk is not sorry. Hulk is Hulk.
  • I can’t believe you said that.

Hulk Instagram Captions From Movie

Hulk Instagram Captions From Movie
  • We are not a team, we are a time bomb.
  • Mr. McGee, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
  • Now the Hulk will be the Hunter instead of the hunted.
  • Law cannot make Hulk leave! Hulk will smash stupid law!
  • Ha! You guys are so screwed now!
  • Lady, all I know about you is that you’re tough as hell. Guys like me, we got a list of people like you. Like a rating system.
Hulk Captions
  • Beneath 150 billion tons stands the Hulk… and he’s not happy.
  • Don’t Make Me Hungry. You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hungry.
  • Hulk fans are impossible to please.
  • Yeah same. Hulk like fire…Thor like water.
  • I think The Hulk really hit a chord with me, I love the Hulk. But, I never dreamt I’d be playing Doctor Doom.

Hulk Captions For Photos

Hulk Captions For Photos
  • I eat dumbells for breakfast.
  • Where is your power now, leader? Tell Hulk again you will defeat him– so Hulk can have a chance to laugh!
  • And something went very wrong… Or it went very right.
  • What If I Told You We Were Putting A Team Together?
  • Hulk’s job? Hulk’s Baddie!
  • You got lousy taste in men, kid.
  • I can’t believe this nightmare is still going on! I thought it was over…I thought I was dead! But I’m not… I’m here, wherever here is -still alive… still half man, half Hulk!
  • Hey guys, long time no see!
  • All right stupid monsters. Come and fight Hulk if that is what you want. Hulk is ready. Hulk is always ready!
  • Me In A Metal Tube, Deep Underground With Hundreds Of People In The Most Aggressive City In The World?
  • Well, those I actively try to avoid.
  • You guys are dead now!

Hulk Quotes

Hulk Quotes For Instagram
  • You used them two days ago.
  • I liked ‘The Incredible Hulk’ as a kid.
  • Why are Magic man and stupid fish man staring at the Hulk?
  • I think you look great. Yeah, I’m back.
  • Hulk has never felt pain like this before. Hulk can’t raise arms to smash. Unless flames go away–Hulk will die!
  • If we do this, how do we know it’s gonna end any differently than it did before?
  • The Hulk, that was the experience of my life, so far.
  • I Don’t Want To Control It. I Want To Get Rid Of It.
  • I got low. I didn’t see an end. So, I put a bullet in my mouth….and the other guy spit it out.
  • And Something Went Very Wrong… Or It Went Very Right.
  • Why does head always hurt…when Hulk tries to think?

Hulk Quotes For Instagram

Hulk Quotes
  • I want to be a part of ‘Avengers’; they can make me the Hulk! I want to do a superhero film.
  • Sorry guys looks like you don’t get to see my party trick after all.
  • Smashing is what Hulk does best!
  • I think we bring them back.
  • Hulk. Hulk, I know you like making your entrance at the last second, well, this is it, man. This is the last *last* second. Hulk! Hulk! HULK!
  • Hulk only fights those that threaten him!
  • Who’s Scott?
  • You just pushed past the envelope, carter face! To quote an old “pal” of mine……it’s clobberin’ time!
  • Crush hulk? Nobody crushes Hulk.
  • He wanted me to change into that mindless ‘Hulk’.
  • Strange was Hulk’s friend once! If Hulk needs help, Strange will help Hulk – or Hulk will smash!

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