Vampire Puns

64 Vampire Puns Ideas & Jokes-Halloween Puns 2023

Vampire puns are not only applicable for your vampire looks on Halloween but it also appropriate if go to a haunted place for some adventure. Adventurous people love to be in these places. They choose to have it by going to these places. Finding haunted pieces of stuff makes them happy. If you are one of those adventurous people and have vampire pictures to post on your feed then try to post these pictures with vampire captions.

Bring adventure to your feed with your pictures. Check the below-mentioned puns to choose the perfect one for you.

Vampire Puns

Vampire Puns
  • Why does everyone hate vampires?
  • Don’t get too close to a vampire, they have a serious case of bat breath.
  • College-age vampires only ever shop in one place.
  • My friend who’s a vampire was feeling a bit low. I told him to drink B positive.
  • Why did Dracula fail at Art? He was only able to draw blood.
  • One thing you won’t catch a vampire ordering in a restaurant is a stake sandwich.
  • I had a partnership with a vampire.
  • What did the woman say when she escaped Dracula’s clutches? Better luck necks time!
  • Vampires can always Count on me.
  • On mirror, vampires are not that frightening.
  • Vampires love corny jokes and puns. I don’t think they’re funny, but it’s probably to do with them being pun-dead.
  • Why did Dracula turn over a new leaf? He wanted to be re-vamped.
  • Scream of tomato.
  • Have a fang-tastic Halloween.
  • Vampires don’t often eat fruit, but when they do they like a blood orange best.
  • I met the child of a snowman and a vampire. He was suffering from a serious case of frostbite.
  • What is a redneck vampire ‘s favorite drink? Blood Light.
  • You can’t ever get the attention of a vampire on Halloween. They’re way too busy looking for their necks victim.

Best Vampire Puns

Best Vampire Puns
  • In the blood bank.
  • Why did Dracula take cold medicine? Because he was coffin too much.
  • Where does Dracula usually take a bath? In bat tubs.
  • Vampires love corny jokes and puns. I don’t think they’re funny, but it’s probably to do with them being pun-dead.
  • I have an account at the blood bank.
  • You’re just my (blood) type.
  • What did Dracula say to the priest who visited his castle? Don’t you ever cross me!
  • Dracula really doesn’t have any other vampire friends. It’s because he’s a total pain in the neck.
  • What is a group of vampire groupies called? A fang club.
  • What would you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman? Frostbite.
  • Because vampires are actual pains in the neck.
  • What would Dracula with a guitar be called? Vondervall.
  • A vampire returned a mirror to my shop the other day. It wasn’t faulty or anything, he just said he couldn’t see himself using it.
  • A Bloody Mary.
  • If you’re wondering if someone’s become a vampire, there’s an easy way to tell. A true vampire is always coffin.
  • Why was Van Helsing so dedicated to killing Count Dracula? Because he staked his whole reputation on it!

Halloween Puns

  • I hope you have a bloody good Halloween!
  • Where is all the money of vampires kept by them?
  • You are just my blood type.
  • Where do vampires deposit all their money? The blood bank.
  • Ready Neck.
  • What flavor of ice cream do vampires like best? Vein-illa!
  • Only in LA.
  • When do ideas kill vampires? When they dawn upon them.
  • What is the name of Dracula’s vegan brother? Count Rucola.
  • I met a French vampire who had an attention deficit problem. We called him Drac..ooh la la!
  • I was Dracula the Buffet slayer.
  • There’s a group of girls that love vampires at my school. I really want to join their fang club.
  • Why did Superman fail to defeat Dracula? He could not go to the Krypt Tonight.
  • What happened when Dracula posted prohibited content on YouTube? A Count suspended.
  • Vampires are not even real. Unless you Count Dracula.
  • Vampires were an actual pain in the neck.

Cute Vampire Puns

Cute Vampire Puns
  • There’s a chance you will never ever ever ever get this joke.
  • Living a life of a vampire truly sucks.
  • Why do vampires refuse to bet on horses? Because of their inability to handle the stakes.
  • Vampires tend to drink Blood Light, but only from a longneck bottle.
  • The vampire decided to eat a throat lozenge. It was the only thing he could think of to stop his coffin fit.
  • What is Dracula’s favorite fruit? Neck-tarines
  • At the casketeria.
  • Why did the vampire hunter puncture her bottle of Aquafina? Because she heard vampires were repelled by holey water!
  • The local vampire society is constantly growing. They are always looking for new blood.
  • Why are vampires massive sociopaths? They have zero capability of self-reflection.
  • What is eaten by vampires for breakfast?
  • What does Dracula say to greet everyone when he wakes up? Good evening.
  • Why do vampires make bad creators?
  • Why did the vampire end the relationship up with her partner?
  • Why are all other monsters good friends with Dracula? Because they could always Count on him.
  • A vampire can’t be a comedian. They just aren’t funny, and worst of all they always know they suck.
  • It totally sucks to be me.

Funny Vampire Puns

Funny Vampire Puns
  • I have met a vampire face to face who became a novelist.
  • Did you hear that the police arrested a pair of vampires? They got them on two Counts of robbing a blood bank!
  • What holiday vampires like the most?
  • What cocktail a vampire likes the most?
  • Because her boyfriend was not her type.
  • You make me batty.
  • Where do vampires have their meal?
  • I’d advise against letting a vampire drive you home after a Halloween party. They never check their mirrors, it will drive you batty.
  • I hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween!
  • Why aren’t vampires allowed to work for Uber or Lyft? Because they drive everyone batty!
  • What kind of soup vampires like the most?

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