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100 Tea Puns Ideas For Tea Lover 2023

Aesthetic pictures with a cup of tea look good on social media feeds. Few people don’t like tea, also click pictures with a cup of tea. But if you are a tea lover then this is the chance to bring it to your feed. Show it how much you love tea. Click photos while you are holding a cup of tea or just pretending to drink it. Post them with tea puns.

To a tea lover, if their tea isn’t perfect, they might not like that. They may want the perfect cup of tea. After drinking they may feel energetic. So, choose the perfect tea puns like the perfect cup of tea.

Tea Puns

Tea Puns
  • Can we all get oolong?
  • It is time to get this par-TEA started! Right?
  • I believe I can chai.
  • Drinking tea, just gives me sereni-tea
  • You’re so naugh-tea
  • What does a teacup wear to homecoming? A tea-ara.
  • If at first you don’t suceed, chai, chai again.
  • Bet-tea Davis
  • Justin Tea-berlake
  • Hey! I just met you, and this might be crazy, but here’s my teapot, so brew me maybe?
  • Why did the teapot get detention? It was being naugh-tea.
  • I love to drink tea each day because it brings out my inner tranquili-TEA.
  • You’re tea-riffic!
  • It’s because of your hones-tea, I madly and deeply fall in love with you.
  • It’s a brew-tea-ful day!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, chai, chai again.
  • I should have studied for the exam, but I procaffeinated instead.
  • Why did the teabag call the cops? She got mugged.
  • ETea
  • You’re such a cu-tea.
  • You’ve seen the rest, now chai the best!
  • Can’t we just all get oolong?
  • She’s so feis-tea!
  • Varie-tea is the spice of life.

Best Tea Puns

Tea Puns
  • Making tea isn’t hard, but waiting for the kettle to boil sure is tea-dious.
  • The reason Chinese tea is so good is because it takes a very oolong time to prepare.
  • I’ve been waiting oolong, long time for this.
  • Steep dreams!
  • Move oolong, nothing to tea here
  • What do you get if you tell tea it’s coffee? Perplexi-tea.
  • Fishermen will often drink tea in the more to make them more salt-TEA.
  • My youngest child is the naugh-tea-ist of all children.
  • You’re such a teas (tease)
  • Most tea drinkers will not socialize with a bad element at work because it is just not their cup of tea.
  • Smells like tea spirit
  • Kettle down, kettle down.
  • This teabag got mad that its friend got brewed first. I told it to stop being sal-tea.
  • Sweet dreams are made of teas
  • You’re the best tea-cher, you definitely know hot to mul-tea-task
  • This is so tea-dious
  • What do you call it when tea leaves take art classes? Creativi-tea.
  • People who drink a lot of tea each day tend to be on the chat-TEA side.
  • A teabag’s college friend told her a longwinded story about people she didn’t know. “Cool story, brew,” she said.
  • There was a recent celebration to help pay down the national debt, it was considered a tea party.
  • The tea drinker tends to get the most work down because they are full of creativi-TEA
  • Chris-tea-na Aguilera
  • Game, set, matcha!

Tea Puns Ideas

Tea Puns Ideas
  • Feeling tired enough to go to steep.
  • No need to be sal-tea
  • We’re a matcha made in heaven.
  • Chai-ning Tatum
  • Barbara Chai-sand
  • Tea is people. Basically everything is people.
  • It really is a serious problem if tea can’t fix it.
  • Coffee’s dangerous, but tea is not. It gives you a sense of safe-tea.
  • Use your creativi-tea
  • This cup is my proper-tea
  • Astronauts prefer tea because they can appreciate the gravi-TEA of these beverages
  • This teabag keep jumping out of the pot. It’s being feis-tea.
  • Goodnight, steep tight.
  • She’s so flir-tea
  • I’m just oolong for the ride.
  • The cost for a cup of tea is a bit steep!
  • This tea is so tas-tea
  • Why did the tea get mistaken for toothpaste? It was min-tea.
  • This drink is tea-licious!
  • Would you please stop teasing me all the time? Now it’s irritating me.
  • Steep Dreaming
  • It’s thirs-tea Thursday!
  • You’re totally tea-riffic.
  • It’s for your own safe-tea.

Good Tea Puns

  • Walk a chamomile in my shoes.
  • Bruce Spring-steep
  • Why on the earth you don’t use seat belt? It’s for you own saf-tea.
  • Where there is tea, there is hope!
  • I’ll chai again tomorrow.
  • You’re my bes-tea
  • When I find myself in hot water, I have to bag it
  • I’m so tired, I want to go to steep
  • Why are tea leaves always grounded? They’re forever getting in hot water.
  • Everything I brew, I brew for you.
  • Justin Tea-ber
  • Time to Par-tea!
  • What do mixed tea leaves do in a crowd? Try to blend in.
  • Most Manchester United fans will only drink tea because they have all the cups.
  • She would rather be his shot of espresso than everyone’s cup of tea.
  • What does a cup of tea get when it falls over? Brew-ses.
  • I dropped my wallet last night. The cashier at the tearoom gave it back. Some people have so much hones-tea.
  • Cat lovers will only drink their kit-tea.

Tea Puns For Tea Love

Tea Puns For Love
  • If you decide to invite the Queen of England over for a drink, consider it to be royal-tea.
  • When I told the barista she gave me the wrong drink, she quickly became all missed-TEA-eyed.
  • All fired up and red tea to go.
  • Are you even aware that four of the last five Presidents were all left-tea.
  • You’ve gotta admit these puns are quali-tea.
  • You are like a family to me. You don’t have to do any formal-tea in my celebration!
  • I have never ever done such a tea-dious task in my life.
  • Let me give this a chai
  • Everything I brew, I brew it for you.
  • One steep forward, two steeps back
  • Hello, is it tea, you’re looking for?
  • Do you think it is okay to STEEP together on the first date?
  • Defense lawyers are only afraid of one particular type of tea, the GUILT-TEA!
  • I’m great at mul-tea-tasking.
  • I am really sick and tired of dealing with flir-tea boys.
  • The only dinosaur who loved drinking tea was the TEA-REX.
  • Let’s get this par-tea started!
  • People who are full of ambition often have loft-TEA goals.
  • Boba tea is unbelie-bubble!
  • Oolong live the queen!
  • My girlfriend is such a cu-tea pie!
  • Bow down to royal-tea
  • Steep dreams are made of tea leaves. (Or sweet dreams are made of tea.)
  • Chrissy Tea-gan

Funny Tea Puns

  • Don’t be chai!
  • Nice tea meet you.
  • What’s an astronaut’s favorite tea blend? Gravi-tea.
  • Hello Beau-tea-ful
  • God said, “Let them brew tea”, and, then there was tea.
  • You have to admit these puns are quali-tea.
  • What do you get when a teabag meditates? Sereni-tea.
  • You’re such a hot-tea
  • Sometimes I’m great at multi-tea-tasking.
  • This is the start of a brew-tea-ful friendship.
  • The rallying cry of the tea drinker, “Fight for your right to par-TEA!”
  • This turkey and chicken is so tas-tea! I am going to gobble them all alone.
  • Never kettle for second best.
  • People who are usually worried about everything will drink tea for the safe-TEA reasons.
  • A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single steep.
  • The only way out is brew it.
  • Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?
  • Nice tea meet you!
  • Chinese tea take a very oolong time to brew.

Tea Puns For Instagram

Tea Puns For Instagram
  • Don’t chai this at home
  • The hipster burned his tongue. He drank tea before it was cool.
  • This tea is hot! I just burned my Lipton on it.
  • Feeling a bit of deja brew.
  • Say something, don’t be chai
  • The key for a great longev-tea is regular exercise sessions day in and day out.
  • Why the oolong face?
  • I am not at all into alcohol. I am a tea-totaler.
  • This bag of leaves is a successful college professor. It got tenure as facul-tea.
  • Whenever I look at my girlfriend, only when thing pops up in my mind; she is such a hot-tea.
  • Time to part-tea!
  • Hones-tea is the best policy
  • The loving husband always greeted his wife each day with a “Hello Brew-TEA-Full!”
  • The day I get over from procras-tea-nation is the day I will achieve all my dreams.
  • Can’t we all just get oolong.
  • Cameron Tea-az
  • You shouldn’t cook often because you make the food way too sal-tea.

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